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The XR Mission

Open edX

Navigating the ambiguous journey of designing good digital, virtual, and immersive environments and Metaverses has never been so important.
Developing the right technology to deliver inclusive and accessible services, that provide safe and secure content by being ethically compliant with social norms is challenging.

Open edX provides access to more than to 20 million learners in 114 countries and offers 55,000+ courses.
Used by 9 of the 10 top Universities and 20+ Gov/NGO’s.
Cross-device/cross- platform, extensible and inclusive rich authoring experiences.
Open edX is led by Harvard and MIT and focuses on inclusive learning and education.

Search Engine Optimization
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Website Development


Create, edit, and perfect interactive videos with the easy-to-use Cinema8 platform.
Give audiences new experiences, boost engagement, and encourage direct action.

The World Metaverse Council is open and decentralized. We promote collaboration to create an equitable, inclusive, and truly decentralized Metaverse and maximize the incredible economic and social possibilities and minimize harms..

The site is the foremost free and open educational Metaverse portal for all who wish to create, learn and share XR/AR/VR/MR products and services in this new and emerging field. 

Find tools, resources and networking capabilities within this one of a kind XR site


Founder & CEO

We Help You Excel in the Digital Realm

Forum, community and digital experiences created with care, innovation, and trust.

Professor teaching students using virtual reality tools
THE XR Community

Empowering Countless Learners

Join our thriving community and explore XR's limitless potential.

Fueling Your Curiosity

Dive into immersive learning that ignites your knowledge and curiosity.