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Elevating Workforce Training: The AR/VR Revolution

In recent times, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have undergone incredible evolution, firmly embedding themselves in our daily lives. The integration of AR/VR into the learning process has fundamentally transformed how individuals acquire knowledge. This immersive technology has introduced hands-on experiences and learning-by-doing methodologies, making learning feasible even in scenarios previously deemed impossible. The growth trajectory of these technologies is nothing short of spectacular. By 2023, AR installations in smart glasses and mobile devices are predicted to surpass a staggering 2.5 billion, while VR is expected to have an installation base of over 30 million. Furthermore, these technologies are poised to contribute an estimated $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, with training accounting for a substantial portion of up to $294.2 billion. In this blog, we will delve into the manifold advantages of AR/VR technology in reshaping enterprise training, and how it stands to revolutionize the way employees acquire the skills necessary to meet organizational objectives.

Deciphering AR/VR Training

AR/VR training for employees represents a pioneering approach that employs advanced technologies to offer immersive learning experiences. This methodology enables employees to interact with virtual simulations mirroring real-life situations, fostering hands-on experience without the associated risks linked to conventional training methods. Custom-built virtual environments or simulations faithfully replicate real-world scenarios, spanning diverse domains from medical procedures and equipment operations to customer service and sales techniques. Employees can practice and hone their skills within a secure and controlled setting. Furthermore, AR/VR staff training can be tailor-made to accommodate individual employees or teams, facilitating a highly personalized learning experience. AR/VR staff training is an invaluable resource, providing organizations with the means to deliver effective, engaging, and efficient training programs that enhance employee skills while mitigating risks.

Advantages of AR/VR Technology in Workforce Training

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, employees are constantly required to adapt to evolving job demands. Traditional training methods, however, can often prove too costly, hazardous, or impractical. AR/VR technology emerges as the solution by creating virtual environments that simulate real-life scenarios, effectively rendering it an ideal training tool for industries such as healthcare, aviation, and construction, where real-world training might pose risks or impracticalities. Furthermore, AR/VR technology accommodates various learning styles, promoting enhanced knowledge retention and delivering an immersive learning experience that transcends conventional methods. Let’s delve into the key benefits of AR/VR technology in workforce training.

  1. Safety and Affordability

AR/VR technology presents an affordable and secure avenue for training employees in industries prone to risks, such as power plants and manufacturing units. The creation of simulations that emulate real-life scenarios enables employees to learn without exposing themselves or equipment to potential harm. Although the setup and maintenance of training simulations involve costs, the overall savings can be substantial. Reduced training duration, minimized errors, and the elimination of the need for instructors and dedicated facilities can lead to significant cost reductions.

  1. Face-To-Face Training

Face-to-face training using AR/VR technology introduces an array of advantages for employee training. Placing employees within a virtual environment facilitates more engaging and interactive learning. Instructors can create avatars and conduct real-time training sessions, personalizing the learning experience. With AR, employees can access information and interact with systems in real time, deepening their comprehension and skill development. 3D models can replicate real-life scenarios, empowering employees to hone their skills and learn from their mistakes without real-world repercussions. AR/VR technology offers a more efficient and effective way to train employees, ultimately enhancing their performance and productivity in the workplace.

  1. Development of Soft and Technical Skills

VR and AR technologies have emerged as valuable tools for nurturing both soft and technical skills, with a particular emphasis on sectors such as healthcare and construction, where VR training has made remarkable strides. A recent Yale study revealed that VR learners performed surgeries 29% faster and made six times fewer errors compared to their traditionally trained counterparts. Enterprises are increasingly investing in immersive learning through VR and AR, given their astounding 75% retention rate compared to the 5% retention rate of lecture-based learning. In healthcare, AR/VR serves as an indispensable training tool, with 3D simulations increasing knowledge retention rates by a staggering 75% to 90%.

  1. Enhanced Engagement through Gamification

Businesses often leverage Learning Management Systems (LMS) featuring gamification elements such as badges, points, and rewards to deliver effective employee training. By integrating AR/VR technology into LMS, a seamless learning experience enriched with gamification elements can be created, revolutionizing the future of training and learning. Corporate training incorporating AR technology allows employees to engage with virtual points and badges in real time, even physically holding them. VR and AR can take gamification to the next level, resulting in improved learning and success rates. VR gamification, in particular, offers a heightened sense of reality, enabling employees to learn in real-time immersive environments.

  1. Improved Employee Retention

AR/VR training enhances hands-on experiences, making training more engaging and enhancing knowledge retention and recall through the development of muscle memory. Such upskilling and reskilling initiatives increase employee engagement and open doors for career advancement, ultimately boosting employee retention. Furthermore, investing in the training of existing employees proves more cost-effective than recruiting new ones, making it a more appealing proposition for employers.

  1. Tailored Training Options

Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) enable the creation of personalized learning paths for each employee. Integration of LMS with AR/VR technology empowers employees to interact with learning resources in real time. AR-based corporate training introduces 3D learning paths, encompassing a wide array of courses including management, budgeting, and recruitment. This allows employees to follow unique learning journeys, progressing along different paths based on their performance. Such training is particularly suited to HR employees seeking proficiency in employee management while honing their decision-making capabilities.

Conclusion: The Future of Learning with AR/VR

At XRAcademy, we firmly believe that AR and VR technologies possess the transformative potential to revolutionize employee training and upskilling. By harnessing these immersive technologies, businesses can maximize employee engagement, boost retention rates, and enhance decision-making capabilities, ultimately leading to more effective learning. Additionally, investments in AR and VR training can result in long-term cost savings by reducing expenses associated with new employee recruitment and onboarding. Our team is dedicated to crafting personalized AR/VR solutions tailored to meet the unique training requirements you might have.

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